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Bonded Fibre Matrix Benefits

Hydromulching Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM) is the application of organic matter, non-rewettable agents and water through a hydroseeder and is designed for higher gradients and\or areas that require increased erosion protection.

Hydromulching BFM is a two-step application process. The first step involves spraying a mix of seed and fertiliser in a water solution. The second step consists of spraying cellulosic mulch with a binder that includes long length, interlocking organic fibres at a high application rate. BFMs feature a viscous bonding agent that dries to form a protective skin over the treated surface area, much like an erosion control blanket, that remains effective for 6 -12 months.

Hydromulching BFM has been designed to provide increased performance in comparison to standard hydromulching solutions. This includes extended protection again erosion by providing complete soil surface cover, improved seed germination thus improving revegetation outcomes and a greater ability to suppress weeds.

  • Improved plant germination due to higher water retention.
  • Increased erosion protection.
  • BFM mulch provides more soil cover.
  • The long fibre structure of BFM ensures there is no reduction in infiltration and air exchange.


image description step 1
  • The area is Hydroseeded as a first step with a mix of seed, fertiliser and water. It is crucial to ensure that there is an even and complete coverage.
  • Biologically-active soil conditioners can be added to the mix to replenish soil with the nutrients it needs to support healthy, long term growth
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  • Another pass is undertaken over the area, this time spraying a slurry of water, organic mulch and a binder. This completes the two-step process of Hydromulching BFM.
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  • BFMs work to provide short term erosion control on steep batters, slopes, verges and leveled areas until vegetation establishes and controls erosion and stabilises soil through root reinforcement.

BFMs conforms to the contours of the ground and dries to form a Bonded Fiber Matrix. Once dry, the matrix can be hydrated repeatedly and will hold soil and seed without washing away.

BFMs employ a combination of both hydroseeding and hydromulching processes, but applied at a much higher rate. This helps the growth medium to ensure sufficient germination of seedlings, a higher strike rate, greater moisture retention and longer-lasting erosion control.

Revegetate your site with grass that stands the test of time.

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