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Why use Spray Grass Australia?

Our years of experience throughout Australia have presented Spray Grass Australia with some of the toughest and most punishing soil revegetation challenges on the planet. We understand that our clients need more than a ‘spray and pray’ methodology to achieve fast, healthy, long term growth.

Produce outstanding results on your next project with Spray Grass Australia’s balance of experience, science and nature.

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    Expertise you can trust

    Feel confident that you are hiring knowledge and expertise to revegetate your site first time.

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    Locally tried and tested

    Our solutions promote long term soil health, prevent weed infestation, and minimise watering requirements.

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    Scientifically proven

    Our techniques are thoroughly tested and scientifically proven to be effective in Australia's harsh conditions.

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    Sustainable and cost-effective

    Access qualified advice from Australia's leading agronomists, horticulturalists and soil scientists.

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What sets us apart?

  • Innovative Equipment

    Our products and equipment are backed by science and have been extensively trialled in Australian conditions with the ability to cover large expanses or delicate areas as required.

  • Commitment to Workplace Safety

    Spray Grass Australia is committed to providing a workplace that protects the health, safety and welfare of all of our team, including clients, contractors, and visitors.

  • Backed by Expertise

    We are backed by years of experience and continuously train our expert team to ensure our range of solutions and techniques are applied to specification for optimum results.

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We provide custom solutions

We know that every project is unique, so we use a tailored approach to ensure each project is customised and cost effective with the best chance of long term success. Whether you need erosion control, dust control, soil stabilisation, or hydroseeding and hydromulching solutions, we can provide comprehensive advice to support and achieve your goals.

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Spray Grass Australia can come to your location all across Australia

We have combined 25 years of experience with science and innovative technology to revegetate some of the harshest conditions in Australia to be able to offer you quick and effective stabilisation of your site for long term results.

Whether it be a small civil project stabilising median strips and verges, through to larger scale infrastructure and mining plans, no matter where you are located within Australia, Spray Grass Australia has a safe, environmentally friendly solution that will provide you with effective, long term success.

  • 20,198,347m2 Rehabilitated Area
  • 9,622,814kg CO2 Carbon dioxide offset
  • 65% Less water used on dust control projects
  • 2,919 Erosion Control Projects Completed

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