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It is becoming increasingly common for strict site remediation criteria to be a part of development and mining sites. After works have been completed, these areas must be returned to their natural state, or as close to this state as possible.

This is why a reliable, long term solution for cover crop growth and erosion control is so important. The choice of soil additives and plant species will generally need to be native to the area to have a better chance of thriving. Repeating the process a number of times before adequate growth can be successfully maintained is often costly and time consuming so getting it right the first time is a priority. Spray Grass Australia works with you to ensure your environmental remediation and rectification is cost effective and has the best possible chance of long term success.

  • Return your site as closely as possible to its natural state.
  • Achieve erosion control through natural means for a long term solution.
  • Enjoy positive community relationships with a more visually appealing site.
  • Access cheaper and faster spraying technology options for uneven, steep or inaccessible surfaces.
  • Native plant species are selected for longevity and comparability with surrounding area.


Site Inspection step 1
  • Site rehabilitation involves careful analysis of your site's requirements and condition to customise a solution that meets your goals.
mine-site-rehabilitation step 2
  • Either hydroseeding or hydromulching can be used for site rehabilitation, with each process having its own benefits and requirements. More information can be found under the solutions heading.
Tailings Dam Rehabilitation step 3
  • Site rehabilitation is a long term solution that requires after care attention and support. We provide you with professional and credible advice about how to set up your site for the best chance of success first time.

Getting the best results from a site rehabilitation or remediation project often relies on the combination of a variety of important solutions, dependant on analysis and understanding of your site and its requirements.

Access site rehabilitation solutions designed to achieve the results you need first time.

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