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Exhaustive field studies have shown that the solution we use outperforms most other erosion and sediment control products on the market today. We understand that one of the best ways to control erosion is by encouraging the growth of healthy and strong vegetation.

We utilise GeoSpray as our preferred erosion control product. GeoSpray is a synthetic erosion control blanket that features a flexible membrane that works to protect the soil surface from erosion and can be altered to support the growth of vegetation or prevent it through the use of a hydrophobic polymer. GeoSpray is a highly effective technique for the stabilisation of batters and is a true alternative for quicker and safer installation than conventional erosion control blankets such as Jute Mesh, Concrete Matting, Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCM), Geotextiles, Geosythetics, Posi-Shell and Shotcrete.

GeoSpray’s advanced technology means that it will stabilise surfaces for up to 20 years, making it the ideal erosion control and stabilisation product for vertical walls, roadside batters, steep slopes, drains, and all substrates including compacted clay, rock, sand, sandy loam, dispersive soils, and any soils that are extremely difficult to manage and access.

  • Installation is safe, effective and fast, with application taking minutes, not hours.
  • Withstands moderate rain events just 4 hours after application.
  • Allows the establishment of strong, healthy vegetation.
  • Eliminates erosion caused by water, rain or wind on all substrates.
  • Can be effectively and safely applied to steep or inaccessible slopes.
  • Can be made water repellent with the inclusion of a hydrophobic polymer.
  • GeoSpray won the 2015 IECA Environmental Excellence Award for Innovation, Education and Contribution to the Erosion and Sediment Control Industry.


Temporary drain Application step 1
  • GeoSpray is applied quickly and easily using hydroseeding equipment meaning application takes minutes, not hours. It dries quickly and is able to withstand moderate rain events just 4 hours after application.
GeoSpray Erosion Control Blanket step 2
  • The product forms a non-flammable crust, which holds the substrate underneath in place and reduces the risk of contamination to nearby storm water drains and creeks. This helps to control erosion on all substrates including compacted clay, rock, sand, sandy loam, dispersive soils, and any soils that are extremely difficult to manage and access.
image description step 3
  • GeoSpray also allows for the establishment of vegetation. Having an erosion control product that can actually support strong, healthy vegetation growth is a bonus, because it doesn't have to be removed and disposed of in order to revegetate the site. However, it can also be made waterproof using a hydrophobic agent to prevent vegetation when required.

Innovative scientific advances have allowed Spray Grass Australia to deliver effective and environmentally friendly erosion control blanket solutions across a range of industries within the civil division of Australia. Our products have been extensively tested and tried by soil scientists in Australia’s punishing conditions, and shown to consistently outperform other methods.

GeoSpray can be used for temporary drains, steep slope stabilisation, to control sedimentation and can also be used as a ditch lining (to name a few). Its proprietary blend of minerals, interlocking fibers and specialty binders form a tough, resilient and flexible cover that binds and moves with the ground below it, eliminating cracking of the coating.

Use a faster, safer, and more cost effective method for erosion control.

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