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The cutting edge technologies we use for dust suppression will not only save water but can also dramatically minimise site activity and the time, money and energy spent on project management tasks. At the same time, they consistently achieve significantly better dust control results.

Our non-toxic dust control and soil stabilisation materials have been engineered and rigorously tested on various substrates. Our dust control experience on large and remote sites ensures that your project will receive professional management and solutions focused on achieving successful results. Our methods are designed to create durable, water resistant and environmentally friendly surface crusts over dust, soil and aggregate. Each application is carefully tailored to meet your site specific requirements.

Our dust suppression solution has proven effective on mine sites that include those of coal mines, copper mines, ash dams, tailings dams and power stations. We also provide a dust suppression solution with the use of mulch. Similarly to Hydromulching or Hydroseeding, a combination of mulch, water and binder are agitated together and hydraulically applied onto surfaces to combat dust issues, naturally breaking down over time.


  • Utilise the experience of a team focused on long term successful results.
  • Access tailored solutions based on your specific site needs.
  • Work with, not against nature with environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials.
  • Find a cost effective solution that lasts longer with advanced dust control methods.
  • Reduce water usage by more than 50% compared to traditional methods.
  • Cover steep slopes and longer distances with powerful hydroseeder truck pumps.


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  • Our experienced and highly trained staff will consult with you to solve the most complex dust abatement and soil stabilisation issues.
  • The best type of dust control solution for your site depends upon a host of variables that are site-specific including environmental impact, water conservation and required length of suppression.
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  • Once the appropriate product and usage rate are determined, the dust suppressant is applied using a hydroseeder truck quickly and thoroughly, ensuring full coverage. The advantage of our trucks over regular water trucks is that hydroseeder trucks use pumps that can cover more distance, as well as effectively apply the product to slopes and cliffs for more efficient dust suppression solutions.
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  • The suppression product quickly sets, causing all fugitive dust to remain bound to the surface from 4 weeks up to 12 months, depending on the product used.
  • After the application period is complete, the non-toxic product slowly breaks down, eventually forming smaller and smaller pieces until it is essentially incorporated into the soil and microbes can further biodegrade it.

Spray Grass Australia provides commercial dust control solutions for all areas of the civil and mining division Australia wide. Our non-toxic dust control and soil stabilisation materials have been engineered and thoroughly tested to deliver consistent results every time.

Spray Grass Australia have effectively used both aerial spraying via air tractors and hydroseeders to apply dust suppression products to tailings dams, ash dams, stockpiles and haul roads across Australia. The products we use have been tested on large and remote sites in order to ensure we are creating durable, water resistant surface crusts that successfully achieve results over dust, soil and aggregate.

Access cost effective and longer lasting dust suppression methods.

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