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Using science to determine the health of the soil on a given project site is fundamental to the success of the revegetation project. In fact, soil analysis is the logical first step in our soil rehabilitation process.

If the soil is severely degraded and depleted, it stands to reason that nothing (except weeds) can be expected to grow.The revegetation process is something that is critical to get right the first time. Reworks and project failures are costly for accounts, time and the environment. The key to success is to understand what’s going on in the soil and properly prepare it in preparation to receive seed.

Upon conducting a site inspection, our team will gather multiple samples from across the proposed revegetation area. The samples are analysed in a lab to determine the nutrient content, composition, and other characteristics such as the acidity or pH level. These results are then interpreted by our experienced scientists and environmental advisers and a tailored plan for your project is formed.

  • Improve your revegetation project's chance of success.
  • Understand what is going on in the soil and learn how to prepare it.
  • Avoid costly failures in underprepared projects.
  • Lower costs by only using fertiliser that is required by your soil.


image description step 1
  • Firstly, uniform and consistent soil samples must be taken from the site. This is achieved by taking 15-20 soil cores at varied depths from varied locations around the site. If the area is not uniform in some locations, these areas must be sampled and analysed separately to ensure the most accurate understanding of soil characteristics.
Soil Samples step 2
  • The samples are combined and mixed thoroughly before an amount no more than 500g is taken, labelled well and sent to our team for analysis.
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  • We get our experts in soil composition to interpret the data collected, and provide you with reliable advice about the soil characteristics and requirements. This understanding enables long term solutions to be effectively deployed.

With the backing of some of Australia’s most experienced and respected soil rehabilitation specialists, agronomists, microbiologists and soil scientists, we can ensure that our analysis and preparation will give your revegetation project the optimum chance of success. The key to success is to understand what is going on in the soil and how to prepare it for seeding.

Determine the health of your soil so you can prepare it for long lasting success.

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