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Strengthening soil to improve durability and weight bearing capability is an important element to consider in road construction and the building and maintenance of infrastructure.

The soil stabilisation products we use are cost effective, non-toxic, environmentally safe and extremely robust. The patented application physically and chemically bonds soil and pavement particles, leading to improved compressive strength, high tensile resilience and water impermeability. This is ideal for a variety of applications, from public road pavements, to hardstands and lay-down areas, right through to unsealed haul, rural and service roads.

Our products offer greater resistance to tensile failure, enabling significantly reduced pavement thickness. The process allows the soil to avoid internal pressures that usually cause shrinkage and flexing, improving the soil’s resilience to failure from external forces such as settling, heaving subgrades, and high traffic volumes. Ultimately, this makes it a longer lasting solution.

  • Improve soil's resilience to failure from external forces.
  • Enhance the strength, resilience and water resistance of your soil.
  • Ideal for a variety of applications, from public road pavements, unsealed haul, rural and service roads, and hardstands and lay-down areas.


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  • The stabilisation products are either blended in-situ into the existing road material or added into new materials at a quarry or stockpile site.
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  • Materials are then spread, compacted and trimmed to the required specifications. Significant savings can be made, with the soil stabilisation solution we use being between four and ten times cheaper than asphalt and concrete pavements.
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  • Once this product is incorporated into a cement matrix, it essentially sits inside the microcracks that form during stress and prevents them from expanding further, while also increasing flexibility.

Spray Grass Australia uses innovative scientific advances to deliver effective, environmentally friendly soil stabilisation solutions for Australian mining, construction, agriculture, public works, highway and utility projects, supporting efforts at jobsites in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and across the country. Our products chemically bonds soil and pavement particles, making them stronger, more flexible and water resistant for a longer lasting result.

Stabilise soil in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and long lasting way.

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