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Hydromulching Benefits

Spray Grass Australia revegetates using products that have been tried and tested under Australian conditions to support vegetative growth in even the most degraded soils.

An understanding of the harsh Australian conditions in conjunction with a scientific approach is the key to growing strong, healthy grass that stands the test of time. Hydromulching is a one-step process that uses water as a carrier to spray seed, fertiliser and tracking dye onto the seedbed, but has the benefits of Australian-tested cellulosic Growth Medium mulches and a binder added to the slurry. Hydromulching provides a temporary layer of erosion control from wind and water until vegetation germinates, making it ideal for batter stabilisation. It is important to note that hydromulching is not hydroseeding; hydroseeding is simply a method of applying seed and does not provide extra protection against erosion.

Hydraulic Growth Mediums (HGM), Flexible Growth Mediums (FGM) and Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM) work to hold moisture longer to support faster vegetation growth while minimising erosion. Growth Mediums are diversely capable mediums that are suitable to be applied to any substrate or site, including flat or sloped areas. The innovation of these products means that they are highly effective in all climate types, even after sustained periods of rain and are able to be sprayed on uneven surfaces and rough seedbeds.

  • Tested and proven in the lab by leading agronomists, horticulturalists, microbiologists and soil scientists.
  • See faster growth while minimising erosion with organic mulch fibres.
  • Utilise scientific soil analysis and preparation for the best chance of revegetation success.
  • Rely on sustainable solutions that allow germination once the rain starts - no watering required.
  • Suitable for use in conjunction with ProGanics Biotic Soil Media (BSM)


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  • At the end of the day, strong, healthy grass growth starts with healthy soil, and that's where our hydromulching process starts.
  • We perform a thorough analysis of the soil on a given site to determine what is lacking, and what ingredients we need to include in the mix to rejuvenate it in readiness to grow grass.
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  • After soil analysis and diligent preparation, the next critical step is making sure that we are using the highest quality mulch at our disposal. These mulches may be HGMs, FGMs or BFMs, tailored to the needs of your project.
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  • We combine the long term soil-building benefits of a biologically-active soil conditioner with the perfect blend of organic mulch fibres. These fibres are designed to hold moisture to support faster vegetation growth while minimising erosion. The composition of growth mediums means that far less water is required to apply this product.

Our company utilises a range of techniques including hydro seeding and dust suppression to achieve superior results. To help soil and revegetation projects thrive, we use growth mediums that consist of organic materials, soil conditioners, bonded fibres and other growth additives that replenish soil with everything it needs to support healthy, long term growth.

Thanks to our understanding of soil microbiology, we can also include microorganisms as part of your solution. Microorganisms encourage healthy soil and long term growth by breaking down dead plant and animal matter into simpler substances that vegetation can use.

Revegetate your site with grass that stands the test of time.

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