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As our preferred erosion control product, EcoArmour™ is a ground-breaking, Australian designed and manufactured solution that allows for safe and effective installation on all surfaces.

EcoArmour™ is a synthetic erosion control blanket that has been designed to be sprayed through high-pressure hydroseeder equipment. Once sprayed, it dries and sets in a matter of hours, providing extended high-shear resistant erosion control.

A blend of minerals, interlocking fibres and specialty binders form EcoArmour’s™ durable, non-flammable crust. The specialty binders adhere to and incorporate themselves into the substrate below, forming a tough, resilient cover that is also flexible enough to bind and move with the ground below it, eliminating cracking of the coating. The addition of a hydrophobic polymer to the blend ensures that the membrane remains water repellent, eliminating the growth of weeds, vegetation and water from breeching the integrity of the EcoArmour™ structure.

Safe Easy Application
  • Safe and Easy Application Through hydroseeder equipment, eliminating installation safety risks.
Erosion Control
  • Immediate Erosion Control Dries within 4 hours for immediate erosion control, lasting in excess of 20 years.
Weather Proof
  • Weather Proof EcoArmour's™ non-flammable crust holds the substrate underneath in place, eliminating erosion caused by rain and wind.
  • Stability The proprietary blend of minerals, interlocking fibres and specialty binders makes EcoArmour™ suitable for even the steepest slopes.
  • Durable With twice the abrasion resistance of other erosion control blankets, EcoArmour™ does not degrade in UV, has excellent chemical resistance and exhibits good weathering performance.
  • Flexible EcoArmour's™ flexible membrane contours to the substrate below, binding and moving with it eliminating cracking.
Rapid Installation
  • Rapid Installation Can be applied up to 10 times faster than traditional erosion control blankets, reducing overall project time and costs.
Australian Made
  • Australian Designed And manufactured.

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