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Soil refers to the loose surface material that consists of organic or inorganic matter which provides structural and nutrient support for plants. There are many soils which vary greatly depending on their chemical and physical properties, their process (e.g. leaching, weathering) all which combine to create a whole range of different soil types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Soil is a major carbon storage system, essential for sustainable agriculture and climate change mitigation. Without good quality soil that is fertile and nutritious, revegetation and rehabilitation efforts will be in vain.

Soils and substrates that are associated with disturbed lands due to construction, mining and development are characteristically lacking in much needed organic matter, nutrients and biological activity that is relied upon to ensure sustainable vegetative growth. It is common practice for topsoil to be stockpiled for later use in revegetation efforts on mining and construction sites. Ideally, these sites would be covered with rich, fertile topsoil to aid in the development of a reasonable growth medium. However, in most cases there is not enough suitable topsoil to ameliorate depleted soil conditions on every site.

Biotic Soil Amendments (BSA) are soil amendments that have been designed to improve the composition of poor soils that lack essential nutrients and bio activity after they have been disturbed by land activity. These BSAs act as a complete topsoil replacement and soil building erosion control solution. These artificial soils work to promote natural microbial activity and natural topsoil forming processes which is the hallmark of healthy vegetation supporting soil systems. These artificial soils are made to be hydraulically applied through a hydroseeder, spraying onto the surface in a consistent slurry.


An Engineered Soil Media (ESM) is a growing medium that has been designed to help soils reach their fullest potential for vegetative establishment and provide more effective, long-term erosion control. ProGanics Biotic Soil Media (BSM) is the most advanced ESM on the market, making it the ideal alternative to topsoil. ProGanics works to accelerate the development of depleted soils and substrates that feature low levels of organic matter, low nutrient levels and limited biological activity. Although it is not a direct topsoil replacement, it provides an abundant source of essential nutrients and soil building components that work to quickly modify the soils chemistry.

Thermally refined recycled bark and wood fibres in combination with proprietary biopolymers, biochar, seaweed extract, humic acid, endomycorrhiza and high levels of beneficial soil bacteria work synergistically to create a holistic solution to improve agronomic potential in the rhizosphere. The components of ProGanics blend are natural and renewable, engineered to optimise moisture retention, growth and vegetation germination.


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