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Benefits to this Industry

Cost effectively rehabilitating damaged or depleted soil relies on a scientific approach.

Spray Grass Australia uses detailed soil analysis and testing by expert soil scientists and agronomists to determine exactly what your soil needs to support healthy, long lasting vegetation growth. Our team uses environmentally-friendly, non-toxic methods to achieve dust suppression, erosion control and hydromulch application, whether you need to develop your vegetation now or in the future.

Soil rehabilitation of a mine or construction site may require a number of environmental considerations, and Spray Grass Australia will tailor cost-effective solutions tried and tested in Australian conditions to meet your needs.

  • Reduce flooding by including erosion and sediment control as part of your environmental management plan.
  • Preserve valuable wetlands and encourage the growth of native flora and fauna.
  • Access detailed soil analysis to understand the chemical properties of your site and include the additives needed to support healthy, long term growth.
  • Use non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions to achieve business objectives cost effectively.
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