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Why Choose us?

Spray Grass Australia is dedicated to solutions tailored to Australia’s needs, and are moving towards HGMs (Hydraulic Growth Mediums) to revegetate some of the most degraded and depleted soils in the country.

The products we use have primarily been developed by Australian companies who have performed extensive trials and tests in Australian conditions. They are grounded in science and have been proven in the field to rehabilitate even the most damaged soils. Our products are also safer than traditional control methods, especially when installing on steep or inaccessible slopes.

With the help of products like these, Spray Grass Australia provides unparalleled and trusted erosion control, revegetation and soil rehabilitation solutions across Australia.

Hydroseeding Batters


Our Approach and Values

Spray Grass Australia uses equipment that enables us to cover in excess of 100,000 square metres per day, significantly reducing the amount of time it will take to complete your project.

We have a fleet of small to large hydroseeder trucks to efficiently manage jobs of all sizes, with cannon nozzles capable of spraying over 100 meters. These trucks are mine spec, meeting all requirements for providing mining projects with effective erosion control, dust suppression and revegetation solutions.

With the capacity to reach distances in excess of 250 metres, we also have hoses and pumps that can safely cover steep and inaccessible slopes, as well as extended hose reels that allow us to work around delicate or tight spaces. Where required, dual cannons can be utilised to apply products to both sides of the spray zone at the same time for a more efficient process.

Spray Grass Australia is committed to using products that provide long term environmental benefits for a more cost effective solution.

We understand that vegetation is the best form of erosion control and slope stabilisation.

Our products absorb and hold water for longer, release essential nutrients, and are pre-loaded with soil conditioners and organic mulch fibres. These elements come together to promote long term soil health, prevent weed infestation, minimise watering requirements, and make grass grow in even the most degraded soils.

Spray Grass Australia is committed to providing a total quality product and service to its customers.

To ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied, Spray Grass Australia has implemented a Quality Management System aligned to ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.

We use only the highest quality materials in our dust suppression and revegetation solutions and have independent third-party and internal audits conducted to ensure continual improvement and that our high level of service is maintained. Spray Grass Australia continually strives to improve our performance and we welcome feedback from our customers.

Spray Grass Australia is committed to providing a workplace that protects the health, safety and welfare of all of our team, including clients, contractors, and visitors.

We have safe plant and equipment, regular training, safety meetings and consultations, and systems of work in place to keep everyone involved safe and healthy at all times, while ensuring that any impact on the environment is minimised and controlled.

To ensure our safety and environmental systems are as robust as possible, Spray Grass Australia uses specialist safety, environmental, and quality consultancy services to support our business. Additionally, our safety and environmental systems are audited regularly by our clients in high-risk industries to ensure that we are compliant with their WHSE requirements.

Spray Grass Australia has the goal of achieving certification for its safety, environmental, and quality management systems to ISO and Australian Standards by mid 2017.

We know that every project is unique, so we use a tailored approach to ensure each project is simple and cost-effective with the best chance of long term success.

Our team takes time to understand your project and objectives in detail and gives you comprehensive advice for aftercare when the project is completed.

Whether your project is a smaller commercial revegetation project or a large soil rehabilitation program with multiple stakeholders, Spray Grass Australia will recommend the optimum customised solution to achieve your business objectives with consideration to your specific needs.

With a team of experts covering all corners of Australia, our work has presented us with some of the toughest and most punishing soil revegetation challenges on the planet.

Through our extensive experience in multiple regions across the country, our team understands the wide variety of Australian conditions, environment and culture.

We support the local communities that we live and work in, and use local products primarily developed by Australian companies where possible.

Spray Grass Australia is backed by the experience of experts, and we are dedicated to using products developed in consultation with Australia’s leading agronomists, horticulturalists, ecologists and soil scientists. But, products are only as good as the team that installs them.

Our expert team are continuously trained in the effective use of our range of solutions and techniques to ensure that they are applied to specification for optimum results. Our CPESC professionals will provide professional aftercare to give your site the best chance of ongoing success.


Spray Grass Northern Territory was originally established in the 1990’s with the objective to use scientifically proven methods to provide erosion control, dust suppression and revegetation solutions for Australia’s harsh conditions.

After rebranding to Spray Grass Australia, our team has expanded and delivered our environmentally friendly, cost effective and long lasting solutions to clients all across Australia.

Dust Suppression on Tailings Dam


Our well-trained and highly experienced team have specialist environmental backgrounds and undergo continuous training on the safe and effective use of our equipment and products.

As part of our team’s dedication to a solution that benefits the environment as much as it does your budget, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide advice on guaranteed results. You can rest assured that our expertise and advice is sound and that all parties involved are protected under our Professional Indemnity Insurance.

We ensure that our projects utilise the expertise and experience of qualified professionals. Our team is committed to providing a professional, scientific and proven erosion and sediment control solution.

The Spray Grass Australia team is diligent in upholding the following certifications, memberships and insurances:

  • WHSE Policy
  • International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Member
  • Civil Contractors Federation (CCF)
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Vehicle, Plant and Equipment Insurance
  • CPESC Professionals

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